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KAC Links Invitational
KAC Links Invitational

June 12 - July 29, 2010

Curated by Cable Griffith
Kirkland Arts Center
Kirkland, WA

Artists: Tim Cross & Whiting Tennis, Noah Grussgott, Jason Hirata, Ben Hirschkoff & Jason Wood, Trevor Johnson & Ryan Molenkamp, Kristen Ramirez, Elise Richman, SuttonBeresCuller, and W. Scott Trimble.

The KAC Links Invitational brings together a group of 12 artists to transform the KAC Gallery into a playable, nine-hole miniature golf course. Working within loosely defined boundaries, the artists respond to notions of accessibility, sport, and the balance between art and entertainment. The exhibition aims to connect a wider audience to contemporary art practices by challenging visitors directly with something partially familiar. By adhering (mostly) to an established format and set of rules, this exhibition already meets even the most distant arts participant half way.

Link to exhibition website.

Image: Ben Hirschkoff & Jason Wood, 7 Ways to Enjoy Washing the Dishes, 2009, mixed media. Courtesy of the artists.