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I Require a Pilot
I Require a Pilot
screenprint on paper
14 x 8 feet

"I Require a Pilot" was an installation for the Hedreen Gallery of 36 screenprints, assembled to form an 8-foot tall mountain of repeated tree patterns. The subtle color variations in each print refer to various nautical distress flags, as part of the International Code of Signals. This standardized form of communication is used at sea to help ensure the safe navigation and passage of vessels, overcoming verbal language barriers.

It is a landscape of language and a call for help. From the land to the sea, from one to another. Above all, it signals that sometimes our greatest decision is to ask for another’s.

Foxtrot - "I am disabled; communicate with me."
Golf - "I require a pilot."
Uniform - "You are running into danger."
Zulu - "I require a tug."

Image: © 2014 Bruce Clayton Tom
Special thanks to Brian Lane of PrintZero Studios, Seattle.