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Created/Curated by Cable Griffith
Kirkland Arts Center
Kirkland, WA

BrüTübe is an evening of curated YouTube videos and beer. Ranging from thought-provoking to thought-revoking, BrüTübe features guest curators, each presenting a 15 minute set of videos revolving around the evening's theme. Presentations are projected to a large screen with sound while the audience enjoys beverages and snacks in café-style seating.

Past BrüTübe themes and participants:

Mashups: Andy Arkley, Courtney Barneby, Curtis Erlinger, Casey Keeler, Kathy Lindenmayer, and Troy Nelson.

Outcasts, Outlaws, and Outtakes: Drew Christie, Chris Crites, Jason Miller, Yoko Ott, Erin Shafkind, and Greg Vandy.

Fear Factor/Beer Attractor: Gretchen Bennett, Blood Squad, Ben Kasulke, Paul Natkin, Emily Pothast, and Lindy West.

All's Fair in Love and War: Julie Alpert, Sharon Arnold, Matt Browning, Shaun Kardinal, Joshua Lindenmayer, Jessica Powers, and Susan Robb.

OMG-LOL-ASAP: Betsey Brock, Jason Hirata, Mike Pham, David Schmader, Joey Veltkamp, and Chris Weber.

MeTube: (as part of Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival) David Schmader, Kim Warnick, and Jim Woodring.

Link to videos on BrüTübe's YouTube page.